Call for Paper

Pervasive computing middleware inherits general tasks of traditional middleware in distributed systems such as coordination, communication, security and tolerance for component failures and disconnections. In general, context-aware middleware lies on top of the operating system of mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, servers, laptops, and other computational devices of the environment to firstly discover and register context sources, and then perform gathering, aggregating, assessing quality of context, modeling and reasoning, and finally create transparent dissemination mechanisms to distribute pure contextual information among interested applications while protecting privacy of users.

PerCAM 14 invites authors to submit their original papers that address issues related to pervasive and cloud computing. Topics of interest are included but not limited to:

  • Necessity and formalization of middleware for pervasive computing
  • Architectural issues of middleware for pervasive computing
  • Operating system support for pervasive computing
  • Common trends of pervasive and cloud computing
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • Ubiquitous cloud computing
  • Single Vs multiple-domain middleware for pervasive computing
  • Single Vs multiple-domain context management
  • Mobility issues in pervasive computing
  • Expandability & scalability issues in pervasive computing
  • Software engineering techniques for pervasive computing
  • Software development methodology for pervasive computing
  • Evaluating methods of middleware for pervasive computing
  • Embodiments of middleware for pervasive computing
  • Context acquisition
  • Quality of context assessment
  • Context distribution/dissemination/provision
  • Pervasive computing programming languages
  • Query-based languages for context retrieval
  • Context modeling/reasoning
  • Privacy protection in pervasive computing
  • Context provenance
  • Context-aware mobile programming
  • Context-aware applications and systems
  • Service management in pervasive computing
  • Ubiquitous commerce

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PerCAM 14 seeks original, previously unpublished manuscripts, describing research in all aspects of pervasive and cloud computing that contribute to the workshop theme. It is possible to present systems at PerCAM that have not been fully built or evaluated. The goal of this workshop is to foster the research community working on pervasive systems.

In general PerCAM 14 accepts three types of submissions:

  • Full paper: Full papers should be at a maximum of 10 pages. (ACM paper MS-Word format)
  • Short/position paper: Short and position papers should not exceed 4 pages. Short papers describe works  in progress. Position papers try to enable discussion on emerging topics without the experimentation and original research normally presented in a full paper.
  • Student Forum: Student forum submissions should not exceed 4 pages. This part of the event provides the opportunity to present accomplished work by MSc students as well as work in progress by PhD students. The first author of the paper has to be an officially enrolled student. This track will aim at creating the right context for students to receive feedback from peers and experienced researchers to inform their research.

LaTeX preparation guidelines as well as additional information can be found in the following link:

All Papers must be submitted electronically via the following link:

Important Dates

Paper submission July 20, 2014 August 08, 2014
Notification of acceptance September 1, 2014
Final camera ready & registration September 23, 2014
Workshop date October 16, 2014